Advanced SIEM (aiSIEM)

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation

Stop the breach and keep your business running at a low cost. aiSIEM provides round-the-clock protection for your network, people and digital assets, just at a fraction of the cost. Real-time enhanced threat detection and auto-remediation is made possible with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Drawbacks of Traditional SIEM Solutions

aiSIEM provides a unique approach to cybersecurity, ruling out the drawbacks of traditional SIEM while allowing businesses to meet the challenges caused by new attack vectors, approaches, and tactics. Detect and respond fast to the known and unknown threats – on-premise, cloud, or remote, before they cause much damage or risk.

Continuous Compliance – On Demand and At Scale
Operational Efficiencies in Threat Detection
Qualitatively Enhanced Outcome

Alerts Dashboard

Get a rapid glimpse of critical and major warnings along with status, users, and hosts -color-coded by severity and confidence.

Alerts and Threat Indicators

Recognize the types of warnings and underlying danger indicators, along with the assets and users affected. Drill down into the event or network flow properties to learn more (source IP, destination IP, event type, timestamp, process name, etc.)

Event Trending

Take a brief look at how threat indicators and the number of occurrences over time, organized chronologically with severity level and confidence score.