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Telephone communication with patients is a key component of any patient medical practice. Patients depend on reaching clinic staff by phone to schedule appointments, obtain test results, ask questions about medications or symptoms and request medication refills. The quality of a practice’s phone system has an important impact in overall quality and access to care.

Your care team’s ability to communicate with patients along their health journey is vital to the mission of supporting care plans and reducing readmissions. By connecting people, resources, data, and solutions, you can optimize operations and reduce risk while increasing operational efficiency and profitability. When it comes to the digital transformation of your healthcare system, nothing’s more important than a flexible communications solution.

Avaya Solutions are designed as a quality improvement effort to improve patient satisfaction and decrease emergency department use by improving telephone access and triage in a multispecialty resident-faculty practice based in a community hospital that serves an urban, multi-ethnic community.

Avaya shows its care for you in designing pandemic management solutions

Even with the workload and stress of a pandemic, you can ensure citizens, patients, and everyone you serve receives the best possible experience. An Avaya OneCloud solution is ready now to help you with vaccine administration, contact tracing, testing, and information access.

Flexible and Fast Vaccine Administration

Get underway with our suite of apps designed to help you be successful in every detail of your vaccination mission.
Provide awareness and support for citizens and patients
Recruit and onboard qualified staff
Manage and track the dosing administration process


Self Service

Call Back Assist

Issue and Patient Identification,
Validation, Context

Redirect to Digital



Pre-Post Procedure Follow-up

Appointment Reminders

Targeted Campaigns

Attribute Based Routing

Customer Context
Location, language, role (provider / patient), clinical history, last agent interaction, device preference, risk…

Avaya Contact Centers for Healthcare

Your contact center is often the first interaction patients have with your organization, and your agents have the power to shape the patient experience in meaningful ways. Accelerate your services and support with Avaya patient experience management solutions for healthcare contact centers.

For example, with the Avaya Patient Appointment Reminder solution (including Avaya Aura® Experience Portal and Proactive Outreach Manager), you can create and send patients automated outbound appointment reminders to increase agent productivity, provide better service, and reduce

With Avaya interactive notifications such as the Proactive Outreach for Payment Solution (POPS) you can also increase patient collections.

Avaya also provides inbound applications including self-service caller identification and verification, self-service options for ordering replacement membership cards and reaching an agent when needed, and routing to the appropriate agent based on caller type and option selected.

Integrations into Clinical Applications

EHR, HIE, Scheduling API’s

  • Identification and Validation (with Screen Pop)
  • Billing / Collections
  • Survey & Follow Up
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Care Team Apps
  • Pharmacy IVR
  • Speech Analytics
  • Virtual Visit

Patient Access and Services

  • Appointment Inquiries and Referrals
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Administration, Forms
  • Registration
  • Transfer of Care
  • Prescription Management
  • Triage

Improving Patient Access to Services with Multimedia Experience Management Solutions for ENTA

Customer Context
Location, language, role (provider / patient), clinical history, last agent interaction, device preference, risk…


  • On busy days, the the health system takes 10,000 calls — as many as 1,000 an hour.
  • Provide a consistently good patient experience across practice’s
  • 41 locations and 170+ board-certified physician specialists.
  • Call volume fluctuates by day of the week, time of day… and cold and flu seasons!

Solution and Value Created

  • A multimedia centralized contact center for all patient inquiries.
  • The contact center connects most callers with an agent in 1-2 minutes.
  • Real-time visual reporting enables rapid adjustments to meet patient needs.
  • ENTA easily adjusts call routing on the fly to maintain service levels.


  • Changes on the fly and adjusting in real time to patient needs.

Avaya Delivers Proven Business Value

Patient Access and Services

“The practices on our patient access center have seen a 25-30% increase in patient appointments.”
Proactive Reminders with easy cancellation and rescheduling results in 5% reduction in no shows, 84,000 visits a year for a 1,100 bed + outpatient health system

“We generated $10M in revenue for transferred patients in the first
6 months.”

“Collections a day in small bill collections.”

Current – Future State

  • Desk-Wall Phones
  • Personal Devices
  • Legacy handsets
  • Pagers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Overhead
  • Bedside Alerting
  • On-Call and Codes
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • Video and Content Sharing
  • Staff and Patient Assignment
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Voice Communications

Improving Patient Experience through Care Team Collaboration AT NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


  • Improve the overall patient experience in a new hospital environment
  • Focus on innovation while being mindful of ROI and investment protection
  • Develop best practices to be applied to the broader NHS environment

Solution and Value Created

  • IP-based digital environment supports 6,000 room hospital
  • Efficiencies in patient transfer, diagnostic services, and emergency care aided by communication tools
  • Converged best practices developed that can be applied to other NHS hospitals


  • Pocket Power: enabling the care team to stay in contact with patients, colleagues and patient information systems throughout the working day.”

Why Avaya for Healthcare?

Industry Reputation
  • #1 Market Share globally in Contact Center, IVR, Unified Messaging, and Audio Conferencing
  • Recognized industry innovator
  • Customer-centric partnership
Healthcare Expertise
  • Thousands of healthcare customers globally
  • 10+ years of healthcare experience
Solutions and Services
  • Industry awards for innovation
  • Award-winning services used by 95% of the Fortune 500 companies
  • Experts in 34 centers, 55 countries and 14 languages
Speed to Market
  • Open, scalable, reliable architecture
  • Seamless integration
  • True partnership accelerates implementation and mitigates risk

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