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Bundle Offer
Enjoy a Higher Quality Wireless Experience with Allied Telesis Bundle Offer.
Deploy multi-channel and single-channel WLAN network solutions simultaneously and optimize Wi-Fi performance with advanced network automation and management tools.
It’s important to ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections at your workplace. Simplify your purchase now and lower your operating costs by availing the bundle offer.

Explore limited-time promotions to the Magnus Partners from Allied Telesis Now it’s time to upgrade your network. Magnus runs this limited time bundle offer exclusive to its partners across the world.
All in One Package

  • Simplify deployments with a uniquely capable wireless access point design.
  • Automate network security and reduce the cost of cyber-attack.
  • Optimize Wi-Fi performance with Autonomous Wave Control (AWC).
  • Accelerate your core with our high-capacity switches.
  • Secure your connection with Allied Telesis routers.

What can we except

Allied Telesis Indoor Access Point

Allied Telesis TQm1402 is cost-effective Wireless Access Point based on IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 technology with two spatial streams to deliver a raw capacity of 1.167 Gigabits.

Key features:

  • IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 to increase throughput
  • Dual-radio, with Band Steering for a better user experience
  • Virtual APs with Multiple SSIDs
  • Captive Portal for easy user management
  • Dynamic VLANs for automatic user assignment
  • Web-based user interface for easy management and monitoring of a single AP
  • Centralized management, and automated wireless network optimization, of up to 100 APs with AWC .
  • Support up to 127 clients per AP on the 5GHz band
  • Airtime Fairness to ensure fair and predictable sharing of bandwidth.
  • Fast Roaming enable users to seamlessly move between AP
Allied Telesis Web Smart Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The Allied Telesis Gigabit Ethernet Web Smart switch features two Gigabit ports, two SFP combo ports, and comes in 8 PoE+ ports as well as 16 PoE+ ports.
Key Features:

  • Delivers up to 30 Watts per port.
  • Support video surveillance and security cameras, wireless access points, IP phones and other PoE powered devices.
  • PoE option eliminates the need for power rewiring.
  • Minimizes the clutter of power supplies and adapters in awkward places.
  • compact size.
Allied Telesis UTM Firewall

The AR4050S UTM Firewall consolidates threat protection, application and web control capabilities into a single device — ensuring the security of business communications.
Key Features:

  • High availability bypass ports allow device.
  • SD-WAN load-balancing.
  • Quad-core processor delivers high throughput.
  • Optimized for single-pass low-latency traffic inspection.
  • USB interface supports 3G/4G connectivity.
  • SD card slot allows easy backup of important files.
  • Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) compatibility.
  • It Uses UTM Offload to increase throughput when using some threat protection features.
Allied Telesis Vista Manager

Vista Manager EX provides a single-pane-of-glass interface to the entire network.
Key Features:

  • Intuitive single-pane-of-glass interface.
  • Centralized network and device management, with firmware and config backup, recovery, and upgrade.
  • Manage Allied Telesis switches, firewalls, and wireless APs
  • SD-WAN inter-branch network optimization.
  • High-priority network issues and critical events are highlighted on the map, and in the event log.
  • Real-time traffic, protocol, and service monitoring.
  • Plug-ins for additional functionality.
  • Allied Telesis Intent-based Orchestrator.
  • Group map icons into branches or buildings for intuitive visual management.

How to get bundle offer?

  • 1. Please find the partner enquiry form below and fill all the required fields.


  • 2. Magnus sales representative will reach out to you shortly to provide additional details on the promotional offer.


  • 3. You can also visit directly to syscom head office to collect the product.

Wireless Solution with 5 AP

  • 5 x Allied Telesis Indoor Access Points (AT-TQm1402)
  • 1 x Allied Telesis 8 port POE Switch (AT-GS950/10PS)
  • 1 x Allied Telesis secure VPN router (AT-AR2050V-50)

AED 3499*

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Wireless Solution with 15 AP

  • 15 x Allied Telesis Indoor Access Points (AT-TQm1402)
  • 1 x Allied Telesis 16 port POE Switch (AT-GS950/16PS)
  • 1 x Allied Telesis UTM Firewall (AT-AR4050S-Bx1)
  • 1 x Allied Telesis controller with 5-year License (AT-FL-VISTA-AWC10-5YR)

AED 7999*

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Wireless Solution with 25 AP

  • 25 x Allied Telesis Indoor Access Points (AT-TQm1402)
  • 2 x Allied Telesis 16 port POE Switch (AT-GS950/16PS)
  • 1 x Allied Telesis UTM Firewall (AT-AR4050S-Bx1)
  • 2 x Allied Telesis controller with 5-year License (AT-FL-VISTA-AWC10-5YR)

AED 12499*

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Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion does not apply to previous purchases.
  • Eligible models for this bundle promotion are  AT-GS950/10PS, AT-AR2050V-50, AT-GS950/16PS, AT-AR4050S-Bx1, AT-FL-VISTA-AWC10
  • Additional discounts cannot be applied to this promotion.
  • Minimum 5 AP’s need to be purchased to avail bundle offer.
  • Qualifications*
  • Offers are valid only to the resellers and partners.

Bundle offer on Allied Telesis Wireless

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