CCTV Security Cameras Installations in Oman

CCTV Security Cameras Installations in Oman

Syscom is among the best CCTV Camera System Suppliers and Installers in Oman, Abudhabi and across other regions of United Arab Emirates. We can provide you with surveillance systems that give you 24/7 protection. High-quality camera systems ensure you notice everything and nothing goes unnoticed.

CCTV video cameras is no longer limited for large business and public, it is also for small to medium companies and even for houses. With the increase of illicit activities like robbery, vandalism, burglary, misbehaving people, etc., ensuring security to your home or business is a must. So, an efficient security camera system will be a great investment for you.

The three main components of CCTV are:

  • Cameras: The number and size of cameras depends upon various factors like the type of work, the type of building, area, etc.
  • Cable Network: The cable that is operated either by a camera cable or by a Cat6 or RG59 cable from each camera back to the central hub location.
  • HUB: The central place where all the cables are linked to some kind of storage unit, such as a DVR or NVR box, which holds your stored images for a given period of time.

It may include a fixed monitor for easy access to viewing.

We provide you with the equipment, its setup, as well as installation for safety and security video cameras for both indoor and outside usage. We will visit your premises and study your location environment and will provide you with the best solutions that suits your environment.

Importance of CCTV Cameras

  • View remote areas
  • View several areas at once
  • Guard your dearest ones and important assets
  • Deter crime, catch criminals
  • Deter employee theft
  • Safely monitor premises from one control room
  • A good piece of evidence
  • Safeguard your staff
  • Promote good behaviour and confidence

At Syscom, we provide a variety of innovative CCTV Security Cameras for your business needs as well as for your residential needs. We take a survey at your premises and will suggest you the latest CCTV security system that go well with your needs and your budget. If the requirement is for outdoor, we will suggest you with our outdoor camera security systems and if its indoor we can go with our indoor camera systems. Our SIRA approved engineers will provide its installation for you. With us you need not worry, but feel secure.

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