Cloud Security Assessment (CSA) in Oman

Address your biggest cloud security concerns and protect your cloud.

A cloud security assessment is a review that examines and tests a company’s cloud infrastructure to make sure it is safe from various security risks and attacks. The primary objective of cloud security assessment is to identify weaknesses within a company’s cloud infrastructure and detect the points of potential outsider entries. The assessment also helps in analysing the network for any evidence of exploitation and suggest ways to prevent future security incidents.

The 7 core areas of cloud security assessment

Overall cloud infrastructure
Platform service security
Access control and management
Network security
Incident management
Storage security
Workload security

Why a business need Cloud Security Assessment (CSA)?

Unlike earlier times, the use of cloud is no longer an option. Cloud offers significant operational efficiency, lowers the cost and enhance agility. However, with all the good things come a negative, the cloud also comes with a wide range of security threats that makes your business’s critical data vulnerable for attacks. Thus, to ensure a secure digital infrastructure you must examine, measure and manage the risks.

Companies often have multiple number of cloud accounts and not all of these accounts get equal level of security overview which later on results in lack of critical security control over data. The ones considered least important over the cloud storage and not guarded safe, the breach of such will have a significant impact for the business.

The cloud infrastructure requires more advanced security measures which guards them anytime anywhere as compared with traditional networks on-premise servers. With the increasing work from home culture adopted by organisations, the cloud-based systems are in the verge of severe. cyberattacks.

The process of Cloud Security Assessment
  • Evaluation
    The businesses cloud environment is deeply evaluated to collect and analyse data
  • Automated Testing
    This step reveals the gaps and misconfigurations and all those threats and weaknesses detected
  • Recommendation
    In this stage, the most reliable solutions to tamper the threats and flaws in the cloud infrastructure is provided.
Common issues in cloud security
  • Misconfiguration
  • Excessive network permissions
  • Inefficient user account management
  • Lack of limitation on source IP addresses
  • Reliance on static user credentials
  • Lack of multi-factor authentication
  • Inadequate or incorrect logins