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Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Small Businesses

Cloud computing provides access to business data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device—all at a reasonable price when compared with the cost of hosting servers in-house.

The cloud provides small businesses with mobile access to data and helps them be more competitive within their market. According to research by Gartner, up to 60% of business owners will be relying on the cloud for hosting data by 2022, roughly doubling the numbers from 2018

Take advantage of the cloud

Businesses of every size and in every industry are embracing cloud technology to advance their IT capabilities and set themselves up for long-term growth.

Investing in cloud solutions today positions your business to run smarter and more efficiently, freeing you to innovate.

Cloud computing is truly transformational — from enabling communication and collaboration to connecting remote workers and providing easy access to the tools, apps and data your business relies on every day. Make effective change that helps you meet your business objectives to drive growth.

Accelerate your cloud journey

The industry is plagued with cloud-washing. Everyone is on the cloud bandwagon, but few have the expertise to deliver the right multicloud service experience you need today.

With Syscom as your trusted advisor, we help you design, develop and deploy the right cloud strategy for your digital transformation. 

Enhance cloud adoption and transformation

With changing market dynamics, organizations need to find ways to innovate in a hybrid IT world. Syscom Cloud Professional Services can help you accelerate cloud automation, enhance efficiency, and reduce risk and cost.

We take a cloud-neutral approach to help determine the most secure and optimized cloud environment specific to your unique business needs.

Secure your systems from end to end

Syscom distributions helps organizations in transforming  their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Services. Our team of experts delivers highly-effective and reliable cloud computing services that provide organizations with a competitive edge.

Our cloud solutions enable organizations to reduce IT resource requirements and improve productivity, in addition to lowering costs and reducing the time-to-market.

We assist customers with our on-demand delivery of computing services, tools and applications such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software.

By enabling organizations for cloud adoption, we help them become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape, thus supporting them in the right decision-making and maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI).

Whether your applications are running in an on-premise captive data center, a third-party hosted private or public cloud, or a combination of the two, we are a one-stop cloud service provider for world-class cloud services with diverse options. Besides, we can also seamlessly scale and migrate your chosen application workloads.

Syscom with leading security providers including Cisco, Fortinet, Sonicwall, AVAYA, HPE, Aruba and more to offer comprehensive cloud protection across your network, infrastructure and all connected devices.

We’ll assess your needs and help you to navigate the right security software. Once we identify the best solution for you, we’ll guide you through implementation and ongoing management.

We take a strategic approach to implementing cloud consulting services.

1) Assessment – This phase is more of determining use-cases, followed by exploring suitable solutions, experimenting the same and checking the feasibility. During this process, we evaluate your technical compatibilities and business objectives in line with the expected ROI.

2) Planning –In this phase we design and plan for implementation backed by architecture design and clear deployment plan in line with the planned objectives. Here, we provide a schematic roadmap and strategical procedures.

3) Deployment – A step forward from the previous phase of planning towards realizing the solution in production. In simple words, this phase involves execution, migration and expansion.

4) Optimization – Right after implementation is the crucial stage of optimizing what works the best. Here we look for ways to introduce operational best practices and opportunities to review, improve existing processes.

Here are some of the best selling brand available for you to  choose the  one that fits your business.

Why to choose Cisco for cloud solutions

Cisco brings together networking, security, analytics, and management. It deliver cloud solutions that span your multicloud world, from your on-premises environment to your multiple cloud providers, and from your applications to your infrastructure.

Cisco cloud solutions help you manage a private, hybrid, or public cloud, or all of the above. Whether you have one application and one cloud or multicloud applications and multiple clouds, we help you embrace a multicloud world by simplifying how you connect, protect, and consume your clouds.

Hybrid Cloud

Today’s applications truly know no boundaries. Distribution across on premises and public cloud environments is the norm. Cisco enables organizations to take the best of both environments and make them work as one with hybrid cloud architectures engineered with the top public cloud providers.

Securely connect to any cloud Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V Series

Extend your enterprise network to public and private clouds with the CSR 1000V Series. Offer routing, security, and network management as cloud services with multitenancy. The series is infrastructure agnostic and programmable across the LAN and WAN and in the cloud.


Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V Series
Cisco CloudCenter Suite

Multicloud management made easier with Cisco CloudCenter Suite

Cisco CloudCenter Suite is a set of integrated modules that simplifies the lifecycle management of multicloud applications, workflows, and their infrastructure. Securely design, automate, and deploy across any infrastructure while optimizing cost and governance with comprehensive reporting, visibility, and policy-enforcement.

Cloud Your Way with AVAYA

Your business needs a cloud solution that delivers flexible features, functions, and value without any compromise. Whether you’re a smaller business, need enterprise scale, or you’re somewhere in the middle, Avaya delivers cloud contact center and cloud unified communications your way.

With Avaya OneCloud, you can seamlessly scale your solution and get to market faster with always-on resources available to meet your needs. And with cloud technology, you’ll never have to deal with technology obsolescence. You can focus on providing great customer experiences, improving productivity, and growing your business.

The Perfect Cloud for Your Business

Forget expensive hardware investments and complicated infrastructure. With the Avaya OneCloud solution in a public delivery, access the cloud contact center and unified communications software applications you need for success quickly and easily.

Your Own Private Cloud Solution

With Avaya OneCloud, you can hit the ground running with unified communications and contact center solutions delivered on your own private cloud. Avaya offers standard reference architectures—or you can team up with our global experts to design a custom cloud migration solution.

Avaya OneCloud- AVAYA

Fortinet Multi-Cloud security

Multi-Cloud security protects the cloud infrastructure and everything in it. Responsibility for cloud security varies depending on the type of cloud. Cloud environments increase an organization’s attack surface and require security that can keep up with the agility and flexibility of these environments. In addition, to effectively monitoring events, visibility throughout the network must be available, not just for one isolated cloud.

Multi-cloud generally refers to using two or more cloud services, typically a mix of public infrastructure as a service (IaaS), such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. It can also include software as a service (SaaS) implementations. In addition, enterprises tend to have private cloud deployments on-premises, and all these workloads must be protected regardless of where they reside. Hence, multi cloud solves the challenge of protecting the increasing attack surfaces that result from multiple cloud deployments.

Main challenges of securing a multi-cloud environment

Employing multiple cloud vendors results in different cloud platforms, applications, integrations, and typically a disparate collection of security products. This makes it impossible to monitor what’s happening across all the clouds, properly manage risk, address regulatory compliance, and maintain consistent security policies.

How can today’s cloud security requirements be addressed?

Integrated, automated security that provides visibility and centralized management/reporting across all cloud platforms and applications is required to cover the security gaps created by the expanding attack surface.

In addition, secure data transfer and communications between clouds, such as with a VPN is necessary, along with the ability to segment application and data migration between clouds.

The Fortinet Security Fabric delivers transparent visibility, policies, and controls across the entirety of the cloud attack surface, down to the virtual traffic layer. It seamlessly scales cloud security by including a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions including email, application, endpoint, access security, and more. You can secure your entire network, including your multi-cloud environment with the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Aruba Cloud-managed networking

Cloud-managed networking is commonly used when referring to the ability to manage Wi-Fi, wired and SD-WAN network infrastructure as a cloud-based service. This service is typically hosted in the cloud by a 3rd party as a subscription-based purchase model.

Centralized visibility and control

With cloud-managed networking, administrators can see their entire network, regardless of location, gather real-time data for planning and troubleshooting purposes, and make configuration changes all from a single pane of glass. No management hardware or travel needed.

Real-time innovation and bug fix updates

The main advantages of cloud-managed networking is that the product and product update process is managed by the vendor. New features and functionality are continuously developed and automatically delivered, allowing IT to focus on introducing new services, instead of planning for downtime.

The compute power to grow

Cloud services offer virtually unlimited compute and storage capacity, making it ideal for utilizing advanced technologies such as AI/ML analytics solutions. A cloud subscription-based model makes it easy to take advantage of new technologies that may have been resource or cost prohibitive.

The Aruba Cloud-Managed Networking Portfolio

Aruba Central

Cloud-based network operations, assurance, and security platform.

Aruba SD-Branch

Simplified, secure SD-WAN and Branch operations.

Aruba User Experience Insight

Cloud-based edge-to-cloud user-centric network service assurance.

Scalable, cutting-edge security with Sonic Wall

Leverage familiar and trusted security to protect your infrastructure, workloads and applications in public and private cloud. SonicWall Cloud App Security provides API-based security for software as a service (SaaS), delivering visibility, data security, advanced threat protection and compliance. SonicWall NSv delivers award winning next-gen firewall capabilities to protect infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software defined data center (SDDC).

Cloud APP Security
Public Cloud Firewall
PrivateCloud Firewall
  • Get visibility, data security, advanced threat protection and compliance for cloud usage
  • Automate cloud discovery and maintain consistent security policies across SaaS applications
  • Deliver the best user experience with out-of-band traffic analysis through APIs and log collection
  • Secure workloads on VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Defend against zero-day vulnerabilities with Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Ensure appropriate application of security policies throughout the virtual environment
  • Secure workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Enable micro-segmentation by enforcing policies based on dynamic criteria
  • Establish secure connectivity across multi-cloud environments

HPE Hybrid Cloud Solution

Cloud services, cloud software and infrastructure solutions delivered as a service to help you successfully implement a cloud experience for all your workloads

Innovate Faster with your right mix of cloud

Cloud is an experience, not a destination. HPE provides you open choice of hybrid cloud solutions and enables a seamless experience across all your clouds. Our hybrid cloud transformation experts can help you build the right mix of hybrid cloud that is right for your business and deliver it as a service.

Go Further and Faster with Cloud

Efficiently run on multiple cloud stacks – in the data centre, across public clouds and at the edges – delivering open, flexible and consistent cloud experiences everywhere. Get a holistic, prescriptive plan from our experts and the innovative financing you need to complete your transformation quickly.

Build a hybrid cloud

Achieve seamless integration between all your clouds, automate your on-premises infrastructure and connect to public cloud. Gain visibility and control, and enable security and compliance while creating unprecedented operational agility

No matter where you are in the process of building your cloud, we can help you confidently take the next steps.

Move to public cloud

Get guidance on how to move to cloud, including which apps are best fit for cloud, and which ones should move first, based on projected ROI. Establish and execute a migration plan.

Build a Private Cloud

Run virtualised, containerised and bare metal workloads in an environment that offers cloud-like ease, speed and scale – either built and run by you or delivered as a service by HPE so you can rapidly create and deliver services.

The future is all about choice

Previously, technology limited organizations to two choices – either go to the public cloud or stay on premises. In the future, businesses large and small will have a wide range of options of locations and consumption models. And the lines separating all of those options will blur as IT embraces the cloud experience.

As organizations evaluate their best options, many understand that cloud is not a destination. Instead, it is new way of doing business focused on speed, scalability, simplicity, and economics. This new business model allows IT to distribute data and apps across a wide spectrum of options. It also shifts the focus of IT away from optimizing infrastructure to positively impacting applications. Instead, they will manage applications to deliver the best experience wherever the infrastructure is located.

Choose what’s best for each individual workload

In the future, organizations will place data and applications where each performs best. And constantly changing requirements of service delivery, operational simplicity, guaranteed security, and optimization of costs will dictate placement. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation had far-reaching changes in terms of how global businesses secure customer data. Consequently, these changes led organizations to make adjustments in how they deployed applications.

Organizations who have done their homework will deploy applications and data where it makes the most sense – on a myriad of points along the two ends of the public cloud and on-premises spectrum. Some may choose colocation because it provides the infrastructure and security of a dedicated data center without the costs of maintaining a facility. Other workloads are best served in a private cloud using traditional on-premises infrastructure with consumption-based pricing. Another application may demand high security and control, yet flexibility and scalability, which would make on-premises private cloud the best alternative.

Having choices clearly gives organizations better deployment and consumption options for each individual application. And as needs change, deployment and consumption models will also change. The beauty of having numerous choices is that it gives organizations more flexibility to manage costs, security, and technical needs.

Get your cloud solution now from us

Your business is unique. And no one knows it better than you. You wouldn’t let just anyone tell you how to run your business, so why should the technology you use be any different. Which is why Syscom lets you choose what’s right for you. With Syscom you can leverage your existing investments while also taking advantage of everything cloud has to offer.

Syscom cloud computing experts can assist your organization in tailoring the perfect cloud solution for all your business requirements.

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