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Flexible Cloud Solution From Avaya

Forget expensive hardware investments and complicated infrastructure, with Avaya OneCloud public, you can access the cloud contact centre and unified communications solutions you need for success, quickly and easily. With Avaya OneCloud, you can hit the ground running with unified communications and contact centre solutions delivered on your own private cloud, giving you the control, you want at the speed you need.

Avaya OneCloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a hassle-free, always-on contact center that delivers a comprehensive, integrated, and open CCaaS architecture with scalability, security and in-depth analytics across the customer journey for a simple and flexible cloud experience. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS offers a seamless path to the cloud from the trusted contact center leader. Avaya provides all the features your business requires to meet the needs of your customers and employees, using the power and versatility of a true cloud solution. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS makes it easy for your organization to deliver an effortless customer experience across different channels and devices while helping you maximize employee and team performance.

Syscom being as the diamond partner for AVAYA,  It helps customers in UA to choose what’s right for them, when it’s right for them. So, they can continue to leverage existing investments while adding in new innovations in the cloud.

Many Avaya customers are using Avaya OneCloud Subscription as the initial step in their journey to the cloud. Choosing this option makes their next steps easier, whether they opt to stay where they are or move on to a private cloud option, because private and public cloud solutions use the same purchasing model.

An additional benefit of adaptability is increased flexibility in how organizations migrate to the cloud. Using Avaya OneCloud Subscription reduces the risk of migrations in several other ways, too. First, the Avaya OneCloud framework separates sourcing from deployment, as described above. Then comes the familiarity benefit: In many cases, Avaya applications work the same regardless of deployment. That means the same databases, the same configurations, the same skills, the same hardware, and everything else. It also means migrations can be “lift and shift” instead of “rip and replace.

  • Increased flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Predictable costs
  • New advanced features

Avaya OneCloud includes three major families of solutions:

  • Avaya OneCloud CCaaS: Provides customer and workforce engagement solutions to connect and orchestrate customer journey touchpoints – including voice, video, chat, messaging, and social. Solutions also incorporate AI, insights, knowledge, and resources from across the organization.
  • Avaya OneCloud UCaaS: Enables things to get done in today’s unplanned world of work, from anywhere. Empowers staff to meet, message, and collaborate.
  • Avaya OneCloud CPaaS: Provides an advanced, API-economy supporting platform for developers that enables innovation at the edge and the rapid communication-enablement of workflows and apps.

Build Customer Loyalty

Today’s customers want to use their smart phone or tablet to interact with your organization across a variety of voice and digital channels that include web chat, email, text messaging, and more. With Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, you can deliver an effortless customer experience throughout the journey—across different touchpoints and devices. It’s intuitive and proactive, offering the consistent, personalized service that’s needed to build customer loyalty.

Maximize Employee and Team Performance with CCaaS

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS provides you advanced productivity tools and proactive AI to improve the performance of your contact center. Skills-based routing helps ensure the best customer-employee pairings while employee augmentation can provide real-time prompts and suggestions during interactions. The employee and supervisor browser-based desktop gives your employees the tools they need—at their fingertips when they need them, and out of the way when they don’t. The intuitive, unified experience speeds user adoption with little to no training required.

Power Your Digital Future with UCaaS

Enable work to be from anywhere, support the fluid nature of problem solving, and fuse employee experience with customer experience through your new online front door. It’s all possible with Avaya OneCloud UCaaS.

Create Apps Without Limits with Avaya UPaaS

Build and integrate apps with ease with Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). With Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, you can communications-enable applications with a platform that supports SMS, MMS, voice, messaging, and digital channels.

A clear example occurred in early 2020 when the pandemic created the rapid need to enable work-at-home employees and agents. Work-at home is a common benefit of public cloud services, which no doubt was a big relief for many of the smaller, simpler canters. But the larger, more advanced operations are predominantly found in private clouds, and for them, the pandemic posed some interesting challenges.

The work-at-home capability is embedded into Avaya OneCloud Subscription. Also included is Avaya Spaces, a team messaging and collaboration solution. It, too, experienced a spike in usage during the pandemic. Subscribers could access Avaya Spaces for no additional charge. Avaya also includes outbound contact centre solutions and advanced management packages in its subscription offering.

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