Data & Managed Network Services

Data & Managed Network Services

Syscom can provide our clients with a range of managed network services, including MPLS and SD-WAN hybrid networks, network device management etc. Our solutions are fully-customizable and guaranteed to fit our customer requirements.

To remain competitive, all businesses are transforming their operations and they are under constant pressure to enhance their IT infrastructure to achieve their business goals and to gain higher efficiencies. The new generation of enterprise IT infrastructures must support business critical applications to keep the enterprise running efficiently. The failure of any applications will certainly impact enterprise’s operations. Therefore, as communications networks become more critical to enterprise operations, chief information officers (CIOs) are giving importance to networks in terms of business first and technology second.

In a connected world, your data network’s up-time and speed is key to ensuring your organisation’s success. For many, however, legacy unmanaged network architecture and technologies restrict business initiatives, rather than support and enable new opportunities to be found.

With a range of flexible network services from fully along with complete hybrid network solutions, we can do as much as possible from providing your organisation with exceptional data speeds, advanced external security protection, and high-resilience by leveraging the latest SD-WAN and networking technologies; to monitoring, managing and patching your organisation’s existing network devices.

Syscom network services will do network assessment, design, deploy and manage private data networks, and network devices, enabling you to operate across all of your locations like you would in a single office. Whether you’re looking to jump on new opportunities, reach fresh markets, or need support to run your existing resources more efficiently our syscom is there for you to help.

Syscom ‘S Managed Data Network Services can provide you with complete end-to-end control and flexibility over your network’s performance. Our team has the ability to provide any-to-any connectivity and the flexibility to support voice, video and integrated data applications on a single access medium. These solutions offer an efficient, scalable way to incorporate legacy and next generation applications into the network.

Using our managed network service knowledge, expertise, and skill we enable your organization to fully understand the impact of new technologies and services for LAN, WAN, and WiFi networks. We offer end-to-end LAN, WAN, and WiFi network management – from the data centre right through to network endpoints.

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