Firewall Solutions in Oman

Firewall Solutions in Oman

We help you create boundless defences, when the cyber threats are limitless. Secure your data with advanced protective measures, irrespective of your business size. Work in distributed networks securely.

We sell two types of firewalls,
  • Hardware Firewalls
  • Software Firewalls

We work according to the needs of the customers. We provide:

  • Defend threats with advanced protection service
  • The advanced gateway security suite
  • Gateway security services
  • Web content filtering options
  • Remove junk mail with Anti-spam service
  • Effective bandwidth allocation
  • Prevent cyber threats with intrusion prevention systems.

Brands we offer:

  • Fortinet/FortiGate, Muscat, and other Oman regions
  • SonicWall Solutions in Oman, Muscat, and other Oman regions
  • Sophos Firewall and Antivirus Solutions in Oman, Muscat, and other Oman regions

Fortinet Firewall Supporter in Oman

We, being Fortinet partner, provide managed support for Fortinet. We value our clients and we provide the exact solution for our clients. We are excellent at all the IT related services and solutions and thus we became one of the top Fortinet Firewall Service and Solutions providers in Oman.

The Fortinet firewall offers end to end security solutions across your business network. Their firewall series comprises of the high-end firewall, mid-range firewall, and entry-level firewall. The high-level firewall provides protection in the most demanding environments and comes with advanced hardware components powered by FortiOS.


SonicWall Firewall Supporter in Oman

Stay up-to-date with cybersecurity and networking trends with SonicWall. Protect your organization with award-winning firewalls and cyber security solutions that defend SMBs, enterprises and governments from advanced cyber-attacks. Being an authorized partner of SonicWall, we provide excellent SonicWall Services and Solutions in Oman.

Work in distributed networks securely, protect dispersed workforces which are in remote, mobile and less secure domain. Control and protect your network access based on identity, location and devices parameters with SonicWall. It has strong measures that protects against all intrusions like viruses, spyware, malware, etc.

We provide the below security:
  • SonicWall Network Security
  • SonicWall Access Security
  • SonicWall Cloud Security
  • SonicWall End Point Security


Sophos Firewall Supporter in Oman

Syscom Distributions LLC is authorized partner of Sophos in Oman providing Sophos XG Firewall, Intercept X, SG UTM, Firewall Appliance, Server Protection, Mobility Security & installation services along with Antivirus & Anti-spam solutions all over Oman. We are among the top Sophos Firewall Service and Solutions providers in Oman.

We help you implement the best IT security practices & solutions with Sophos to protect your organization from known & unknown malware, ransomware, intrusions, hacking attacks, spam, trojans, phishing and other advanced threats. Sophos Firewall & Antivirus allow you to secure every endpoint on your network, right from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices.

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