Cloud Telephony System in Oman

Cloud Telephony System in Oman

Want to make your phone system cost less and do more? You’ve likely come across cloud telephony, and you want to know whether it can help your specific use case.
If you’re thinking to switch from your existing business phone service to cloud telephony, you’re in the right place. Syscom being no.1 cloud telephony provider in uae will help you to migrate your entire on-premise phone system to cloud by eliminating the need to spend a lot of money up front, and flexible plan options are key to mixing and matching features that best fit your business today and tomorrow.

What is Cloud Telephony System?

Cloud IP telephony is a phone system that runs through your internet connection. It’s also known as a VoIP-based hosted PBX solution. It helps you move your business phone service to the cloud.
Cloud based telephony streamlines your business communications and grows with your business. Whether you’re opening new offices, hiring remote workers, or expanding your in-house teams, cloud telephony will make the expansion effortless and cost-effective.
Cloud telephony is a type of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). UCaaS is a unified communications model, meaning it brings various communication systems and collaboration tools together. With cloud telephony, you won’t just move your phone calls to the cloud, but also connect them with your video meetings, instant messaging, CRM, and business processes across the board.

Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

Low Cost

The primary benefit of choosing a cloud phone system over on-premise phone system is a reduction in time and money spent on running a phone system. You can skip purchasing the server(s) to host the phone system (and the SIP trunking or PRI service to connect it), upgrade, security etc.

Quick and easy implementation

Cloud telephony implementation requires no on-site infrastructure. This advantage means you can get up and running within a few days, potentially even within a day.

Robust, powerful calling features

Advanced calling features that come with cloud telephony allow you to work smart, be effective, and focus on the right tasks at the right time.

Check out few valuable features can be found in Cloud Telephony System.
  • Auto-attendant, which allows your caller to reach the right team.
  • Call forwarding, which directs inbound calls based on predefined criteria.
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a more conversational approach to automated customer service.
  • Call forwarding, so that you can forward calls to any desk phone or mobile phone.
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing for productive remote meetings.
  • Toll-free numbers, which lets customers reach you from landlines without extra toll charges.
  • Local numbers, so you can establish a local presence wherever you want.
  • Call recording securely and reliably, so you can maintain quality service.

Flexibility and scalability of your phone system

cloud pbx telephony system offers greater flexibility option for example, if your call volume rapidly increases during the year’s busier times, you can easily add and remove lines.

How to Choose a Cloud Phone System

Your business needs to focus on future growth of the company, not the details of implementing and managing a communications platform. Nowadays, businesses have so many choices of brands and cloud telephony companies when it comes to migrating to the cloud. Syscom makes it easy to move by offering both public and private cloud options and allowing you to choose the path that makes the most sense for your company. Simplify your business communications today with syscom cloud solutions that allow you to be as involved as you want.
You’ll gain the most benefits if you choose a reliable, battle-tested cloud telephony provider. Syscom cloud telephony service will enhance your entire business at lower service cost.
Don’t take our word for it; Syscom reviews speak for themselves! We provide all kind of cloud telephony solutions. We have in house technical team to carry out cloud telephony services If you’ve been on the lookout for a new phone system, look no further. Call us immediately.

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