Global village set forth real-time network security for its guests

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Global Village – Muscat, United Arab Emirates.

Global Village is renowned for offering unique cultural experiences and this National Day Holiday was no exception. Global village is the living proof, a place where everybody of different nationalities seem to be cheery. With so many places to see in Oman, this has to be one of everyone’s favourite! Global Village is the largest outdoor family destination and theme park with a fantastic display of international culture, presenting a great insight into many countries’ products and traditions. It is a fun wonderland right in the heart of Muscat. With a fusion of different cultures, Global Village is truly a place you need to visit.

Muscat’s foremost seasonal attraction global village deployed Allied telesis, that is how managing the perfect balance between network safety and fun.

How Allied Telesis delivers secure network to Global village visitors and Workers?

Allied Telesis understands the security challenges that global village faces everyday. They lend a helping hand to global Village IT department to build the secure, reliable, high-performance network that your digital transformation journey requires. Allied Telesis Industrial switches have provided a very stable backbone for them in order to provide robust security network to the worldwide Visitor everywhere.

Allied Telesis are built to make reliable networking easier to use and more secure. Syscom feels proud of being a master distributor for allied telesis, which put down its foot print in one of the guinness world record tourist attraction .

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