Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection (NBAD)

An integral part Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA), continuously monitoring a propitiatory network to detect and report unusual trends or behaviour.

A proactive security tool for detecting anomaly and threats across a network undetachable by traditional technologies.

The rise of cyber-attacks and unknown malwares is among the top challenges that organisations are encountering in the modern world. The traditional methods of data security such as firewalls, antivirus software and spyware detection software are no longer a complete layer of protection. The technologies are increasing so are the threats. Modern problems require modern solutions. Use of NBAD can provide an extra layer of protection to existing firewalls or antivirus software ensuring top end data and network security.

NBAD program monitors a network, and flag any deviation from the defined normal parameters. For detecting anomaly, the network is continuously monitored against parameters and it generates an alarm in real time when any strange trend or anomaly is detected. Any such potential threat is identified and an alert is sent to the security team to validate and the team can decide to take action or not. This ensure no threat is existing in the network for a longer period endangering vital information.

NBAD uses a combination of anomaly detection and signature to check any unusual network activity. It provides advanced technologies to have a detailed view of what is happening within the network, detect targeted attacks, data leakage, internal threats and presence of unknown malware. It also helps to utilize network traffic statistics and identify malicious activities. The detection of anomalies and threats are automated to streamline network operations.

Top 5 features of a Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection (NBAD):

As per the 2021 Network Detection and Response Report, around 73% of cyber security professionals agree that monitoring a network is key in gaining insights into security threats and anomalies.