Penetration Testing

Simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities

Penetration Testing, otherwise known as Pentesting, identifies cyber security issues by simulating attempts to defeat safeguards. You can rely on us to support you in initiating, carrying out and completing a penetration test.


Type of Pentesting Strategies

External Testing

It targets a company’s externally visible servers or devices. The objective is to determine if an outside attacker can get in and how far they can get in once they’ve gained access.

Internal Testing

It mimics an inside attack behind the firewall by an authorized user with standard access privileges. It is useful for estimating how much damage a disgruntled employee could cause.

Blind Testing

It simulates a real attacker’s actions and procedures by severely limiting the information given to the person or team performing the test beforehand.

Double Blind Testing

One or two people within the organization might be aware a test is being conducted. Useful for testing an organization’s security monitoring and incident response procedures.

Target Testing

It is performed by the organization’s IT team and the penetration testing team. It’s referred to as a “lights turned on” approach because everyone can see the test being carried out.

Benefits of Regular Penetration Testing