Fibrenetix – JBOD Storage Expansion


  • 4U 60-bay or 102-bay, 105-bay – SAS/SATA drives.
  • Up to 1.836TB per 4U enclosure with the 102-bay
  • Redundant Hot Swap Drive, SAS, Power and Cooling module.
  • Dual I/O controller for Redundant servers.
  • Supports up to 2400 MB/sec bandwidth per controller module.


Ultra-Density And Scalable Storage

From 240TB To 9.180TB Enterprise High Density Class Storage

12, 16, 60, 102 and 105-bay JBOD Expansion. Built for the CCTV surveillance industry. Enterprise reliability. Space, Power, Coolant efficient.

Ultra-Density Scalable Storage

The demand for highly robust video surveillance storage has been growing exponentially in recent years. New high-resolution IP Cameras are deployed in greater numbers, with requirements for increased retention periods, from 30 days to 120 days.

This ongoing growth has increased the requirement for huge storage capacity of video data, especially in the sector of +500 cameras and upwards. The Fibrenetix Series of Enterprise class storage enclosures and servers address these industry requirements for huge storage capacity and demanding recording server performance.

The Ultra-Density 60- and 102-bay JBOD storage enclosure offers a massive capacity of up to 1,836TB using 18TB hard drives. With scalability, five enclosures can be daisy chained together to provide 9.1 Petabytes (9,180TB) of storage.


  • Space Efficient – more TB per rackmount cabinet.
  • Fully tested for Microsoft File Server 2012 R2 and 2016.
  • Fully tested with all major VMS.
  • Fully Scalable – up to 5 × JBODs can be daisy chained.
  • Plug&Play Technology – add more drives without taking the system offline.
  • Green Technology: Uses 30% less power, less cooling.
  • Enhanced Reliability.
  • Vibration Control.
  • Raid Controller Active/Active.


Schools, Malls, Banks, Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Military, Government, Enterprise class, Hotels


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