Fibrenetix- SVMS (Smart Vehicle Management System)

Key Software Features

  • Real Time Assets Tracking
  • Onboard Video Cycling Recording for up to 8 HD Cameras
  • Real Time video streaming through 3G/4G network
  • More than 400 supported trackers including GPS/GLONASS/OBDII/ODO
  • I-Button Support for Emergency
  • Scalable solution with multi customer support over the same server
  • Web Base Application for the Tracking Feature
  • Driver Behavior and Journey Analytics
  • Automatic Station Backup and Synchronization over Wireless LAN
  • Events generated through Rules Programming
  • Complete Integration between Geo Localization, Rules and Video Databases
  • The Solution Can be Deployed through Cloud or On Site


Advanced Tracking And Surveillance

Seamless Integration With Major VMS

The SVMS from Fibrenetix is designed to be one of the most advanced vehicle tracking and surveillance system of the industry. Built as a VMS agnostic solution, the SVMS can also be integrated with most of the leading VMS of the industry.

This interoperability is guaranteed as all features are developed using industry standards such as ONVIF compliance for video streams, standard I/O Device communication protocols, and a complete compatibility with more than 400+ supported trackers including GPS/GLONASS/OBDII/ODO.

Global Connectivity

The SVMS delivers fully integrated live video from all vehicles to a central control room.

We recommend SVMS solution with Mobix, Mobix NANO and Great Dane.

Available Versions

The SVMS solution is available in four flavors. This is to allow the solution to be provided as a complete new solution or to be integrated with an existing solution. For example, a customer initially using the Tracker Only Solution [TSO] could upgrade at a later stage to a SOVS, or any SVMS version for additional fees.

  • Tracker Only Solution [TSO]
  • Standalone Onboard Video Surveillance [SOVS]
  • SVMS | Standard Edition [SVMS]
  • SVMS |Enhanced Edition [SVMS+]

SVMS Solution Is Available In Several Options

  • Software Licensing
  • Software Development and Consulting through Fibrenetix Professional Services
  • Turn Key Solution through our Approved System Integrators


Public Transportation, Law Enforcement, Cash in Transit, Car Rental, Heavy Vehicles, Dangerous Materials…


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