Grandstream Networks GWN.Cloud in Oman


  • Complete scalability with no limits on the number of sites or APs
  • Access from anywhere via the web interface or GWN.Cloud mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Full network monitoring and reporting
  • High reliability thanks to being hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Bank-grade TLS encryption from end-to-end
  • X.509 certificate-based authentication
  • Resiliency from cloud disruptions


GWN.Cloud is an enterprise-grade, management platform for Grandstream access points. Thanks to streamlined monitoring and maintenance, managing your network across multiple locations has never been easier. Secure networks can be deployed in seconds using our GWN.Cloud mobile app or the web browser interface, then later managed from the same interface. Keep an eye on the network’s performance with real-time monitoring, alerts, statistics and reports that can be viewed using a web browser or the mobile application. GWN.Cloud offers a centralized WiFi network management platform for an entire enterprise, not just a single site. It features complete scalability with no limits on the number of sites or APs and can be accessed from anywhere via the web or mobile app. It is built to handle the requirements of major enterprises, making it a robust option for SMBs as well.


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