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A multi-layered on-premises solution that protects against advanced email threats SonicWall Email Security is ideal for organizations that need a dedicated on-premises solution. SonicWall’s solution can be deployed as a hardened physical appliance, robust virtual appliance or software application. The multi-layered solution provides comprehensive inbound and outbound protection, and defends against advanced email-borne threats such […]

Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Providers

Cybersecurity has gained exceptional importance due to increasing risk of data and security challenges. This calls for the timely implementation of cybersecurity solutions to your business network to secure key data of your business. Cybersecurity can be defined as an application of technologies and processes to safeguard data, servers & mobile devices from fraudulent and […]

What is Continuous Security Validation?

Continuous security validation is verifying the security of the company’s already-enabled security controls work as effectively as possible. This process is essential because it can help identify any potential security gaps in the system. Continuous security validation is an essential part of any organization’s security strategy. By constantly testing your system for vulnerabilities, you can […]

Fortinet Security Fabric: The Industry’s Highest-performing Cybersecurity Mesh Platform

As networks become more complex and distributed, seeing and responding to threats has become increasingly difficult. This has led to security sprawl that complicates management, fragments visibility, and limits the ability of organizations to respond effectively to threats. That’s due, in part, to today’s enterprises having deployed an average of 45 security solutions across their […]

Cybersecurity For Cloud, Virtual And Hybrid Networks

Security that fits your business. Build, scale and manage security across cloud, hybrid and traditional environments. Deploy what works for you — where it works for you. By providing on-premises, cloud-based and as-a-service options, SonicWall helps you deploy what works for your architecture and evolve secure cloud adoption at your pace. Solve security and connectivity […]