Voice, Internet & Unified Communications

Voice, Internet & Unified Communications

With syscom ’s UC services you can allow your employees to collaborate and communicate from where they are!

Syscom can be your complete telecom provider, offering unified communications such as voice, internet, video conferencing solutions and general support services, providing you services via a wide range of providers, including Avaya, Cisco, Poly, Grand stream, Yealink etc.

Communication is the backbone of any successful business; this is something that needs no more proof. Today, most of the businesses are not only limited to a single place, but they are also having different branches and different location based on their need, for example, your head office can be locally present but your Production Unit can be a thousand miles away from the headquarters. Dispatch unit, along with production, must be in sync with accounts, sales coordination, and accounts team. For these kind of smooth work flows only key factor which is more important for every business is communication.

Today’s dynamic enterprise environment requires smarter communication solution for diversified roles of employees. Flexible device usage and round-the-clock connectivity is the need of the hour for the mobile workforce in order to have consistent in-office experience while working from home, between appointments or while on the move. Increasing competition, flexible work places and timings give rise to the need for more collaborative communication solutions for in-office and mobile workforce. With Collaboration and Mobility as the key aspects of business communications, the term ’Unified Communication’ has been evolved.

With syscom ’s UC services you can allow your employees to collaborate and communicate from where they are. Just interface your two different unified communication servers or IP phone users with the main server located at your head office.

A setup like this means, no matter where your multiple locations are geographical, every employee is just that THREE-digit intercom dial away from you.

Our information communications technology suite of telephony, internet, video and conferencing products have been designed to do precisely to keep your people collaborating with one another, and your customers happy.

As leading telecommunication service provider in Oman, we have a range of services and UC solutions. both cloud-hosted or on-premise to suit your business needs and budget, and we’re not tied to a single network or provider so we are guaranteed to be able to provide you with the right connection for your organisation.

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